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Alexandra Bueno SAS is a company committed to the environment and sustainability, we are aware that as a brand we must implement standards, practices and resources that cooperate with the care of our planet.

Most of the fabrics we work with at Alexandra Bueno SAS are 100% natural, some 100% cotton made from recycled fibers. In our kids line, we use some fabrics that are ecological, 100% cotton, natural recycled fibers and others made from PET bottles.

To be sustainable, reduce consumption and continue operating as a company, we implement regulations such as reusing fabrics and supplies from past collections, with them we make linings, finish some garments, implement new products or take out best-selling pieces from previous seasons, all in order to make the most of our raw material.

All our garments have handmade details, for Alexandra Bueno SAS it is important that her work team is made up of female heads of household, artisan women who are in charge of macramé details and embroidery. Our company looks after their well-being and cares that each one can give a quality education to their children, but above all they have the legal and labor guarantees necessary to have a dignified, safe and calm life, for this reason we take care of paying fairly the work they do with a lot of dedication and effort; We highly value their work, as they make it possible for our universe to exist, the universe of Alexandra Bueno.

Every day is a new day to make everyday something extraordinary